The 10 Commandments Of Being British

The hashtag #AwfullyBritishCommandments started trending recently, so we thought we would put the best 10 together for you so that you are up to speed on the rules we must all live by.

The Ten Commandments, also known as the #AwfullyBritishCommandments, are a set of British principles relating to being British and the accompanying lifestyle, which play a fundamental role in the lives of every British person, whether they have realised it or not.

The 10 British Commandments:






12 Times Waitstaff Completely Destroyed A Customer’s Special Moment

When waitstaff were asked how they absolutely ruined a really special moment for a customer, these were some of the top answers.

1. I accidentally split a small amount of white wine on a woman’s coat while clearing the floor. She instantly gets this look of vehement anger and disgust on her face but before she can say anything her husband butts in. “Oh thank god! That coat is hideous.”

They were both drunk and really pissed off with each other. I apologised and tried to escape. The wife kept following me around trying to yell at me but the husband just kept stopping her mid-sentence, commenting on her horrible clothes and how he wished I would spill stuff on all her belongings.

They eventually started yelling and screaming at each other and were escorted out by security.


2. Long story short, dude says, “Hey, I want to propose, can you help me?” as he hands me a ring. Ok, this would be cool if the family of 14 was just walking in. Dude said this as I’m taking away the plate of his main course. Yeah, they are basically done. Really dude? We are a well known, high end place. We can do some pretty awesome stuff…with time. People phone such information in, a few months in advance.

I quickly grab two servers and tell them to take full control of my other 2 tables. I grab my manager, and two of us head to our barkey. We get the kitchen manager involved. 5-10 minutes later, we have a large platter, maybe 14 inches by 14 inches, fully decorated with special desserts, freshly drawn designs bordering the whole plate, and “Will you marry me?” written in the middle, with one desert holding the ring. I walk out, and he already makes eye contact with me. I wink to let him know it’s on.

I approach the table and say roughly, “Ladies and Gentlemen, we appreciate your return business so we have a little complimentary dessert to enjoy.” I place it down directly in front of the couple. There are some gasps, he gets down on one knee, she’s crying, YES, cell phone pictures, and then my manager comes out with some comped champagne. Later, one of the moms says, “I was looking for you earlier to ask for some coffee, but I guess you were busy with more important stuff huh?”


3. Birthday party for a families grandfather. It was a nice little cake with some type of ww2 fighter plane stuck on top of it because he was a veteran. Presented the cake they sang all is fine and dandy. So many comments on how awesome the cake looks, grandpa is so grateful for his family getting him a thoughtful cake. Tells me how excited he is.

Go back to cut the cake with the pantry girl and we drop the cake and it is all smashed all over the floor.

I felt so terrible. Grandpa was understanding and didn’t care too much. But daughter was pissed and basically in tears.


4. My manager was helping me with this group of girls who had a birthday. I thought let’s make it fun and grab everyone’s attention and sing for this girl. For some reason my manager thought he should crack a joke so he asks the girl how old is she turning and she responded with “18” with some giggles. So he then proceeds to yell “YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS!” He takes a break to build the suspense and then shouts “SHES LEGAL!” Not a single person laughed. Everyone just stared at us and the girl sitting just became super weirded out. Anyways it was a super awkward happy birthday song and a swift exit from the ladies.

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TEST: Everyone Get The First Question Right, But Can You Get Them All Right?

Everyone likes to think of themselves as smart, but sometimes it’s more about proving how smart we are, rather than just saying your smart.  So here is your chance to shine, and prove how smart you are to your friends and family.

We challenge you, yes you, to answer all 12 questions of the quiz correctly. Do you think it’s going to be easy? Well you’d be very much mistaken. Only 1 percent of the American population can reportedly answer these 12 tricky, and mind boggling questions. So let’s find out what percentage of Great Britain can solve this. Don’t forget to comment your score down below!

If you get the answers wrong, don’t worry. You can always take the test again in a couple of weeks. But if you’re looking to improve how smart you are then there are a few key tips you can follow.

  1. Expand your interests and seek out new information. Being open to this will allow your brain to make more connections and help you see more opportunities in life.
  2. Challenge yourself. When your brains is use to taking on new challenges, it can easily adapt to more difficult situations.
  3. Challenge authority and common perception, and back your argument.
  4. Don’t take the easy route. Sometimes you have to work hard for a big pay off.

So are you ready for the test? Don’t forget to comment your score, and share the quiz with your friends and family. Why not challenge them to beat your score.

Mother Calls Ambulance After Epic Photo App Fail

Yet another example of why parents and technology don’t mix.

A teen tricked her mother into believing she’d had an allergic reaction in an hilarious phone app prank.


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Claire Maughan took a selfie then used an image editing app to make it appear as though she’d suffered an allergic reaction to nuts, complete with puffy cheeks and shrunken eyes. The concerned mum panicked, even sending an ambulance to her daughter’s work.

The lol-worthy text exchange was posted on Twitter, where thousands of people have expressed their amusement at the fiendish scheme.

The whole thing began when Miss Maughan texted her mother: “‘Mum I think I have taken an allergic reaction.”

Her mother asked what happened, to which she replied: “‘Well I ate some cake that had nuts in it and I completely forgot that I was allergic to them.”

After her mum asked if she was OK, Miss Maughan sent the distorted picture saying: “I don’t think I look OK.” To which her mother responded: “Jesus Christ of mighty what has happened to your face! I’m phoning ambulance what is the address for your work!!!”

Miss Maughan then made the situation worse by refusing to respond to her mother’s follow up texts or phone calls.


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The Twitter post containing the text exchange has received many funny yet sympathetic comments towards her mum from both friends and strangers alike.

One friend wrote: “I cannot cope with this Claire, your poor wee mum. Have you not answered her text?”

Miss Maughan replied: “Nah, ambulance turned up at work.”

While another wrote: “Bless her man she will be all worked up.”

Miss Maughan added: “She’s not gonna be happy with me.”

We bet!

What do you think? Hilarious prank? Cruel Joke? Or a bit of both?