TEST: Would You Die If You Were In “Game Of Thrones”?

Game of Thrones is a staple show of contemporary society. Everyone watches Game of Thrones, and if you don’t, then you at least know about it because all of your friends keep telling you to watch it.

Source: lifehacker.com
Source: lifehacker.com

Game of Thrones fans often obsess over their favourite characters (who usually don’t live for long), or which house they would be a part of if they were a character in the show. It’s a fun thing that fans of lots of shows do, (hello Pottermore, am I right?) and it’s a way of submerging ourselves into the things we are passionate about.

But the real question, is could you survive if you were a character in Game of Thrones?

Could you make it in a world where dragons, ghosts, shadow creatures, giants, really horrible people, and holding a door could end your life at any moment?

Source: HBO
Source: HBO

More importantly, could you make it in a world where George RR Martin kills literally everyone?

There’s only one way to find out! This quiz will tell you if you have what it takes to survive the trials and tribulations of Game of Thrones and all the dangers it possesses.

Let us know if you’d make it out alive in the comments!


Game of Thrones Has Finished For The Season, But Which Race Would You Be Born Into?

Season 6 of Game of Thrones came to a shocking climax on Sunday with the thrilling finale The Winds of Winter, and fans will have to wait until April 2017 for their questions to be answered and their Thirst For Thrones to be quenched!

Image From Smoke and Stir

However, fear not, Thrones fans! During the long wait, you can take the quiz below to find out which GoT race you would be born into – Would you be born into The Rhoynar? First Men? Valyrians? Take the quiz below and find out!

Game of Thrones returns to television Spring 2017 – until then, fans will no doubt be twiddling their thumbs and coming up with more fan theories!

Can You Guess Who’s Had Enough Of Jon Snow’s S**t Based On His Reaction?

If Game of Thrones fans know one thing, it’s that Jon Snow knows nothing, and after a while that must get pretty annoying for the rest of the cast. 

I mean, come on. That blank stare, the jaw-dropped expression – even on a face that pretty it ain’t an attractive sight.

We love you Jon, and we’re glad you’re back from the dead and all, but seriously – get a clue!

Which characters have had enough of Jon’s s**t in the screenshots below?

Can you guess based on his facial expression alone?

Don’t forget to tell us your results in the comments!

Can You Correctly Identify ALL Of These Game of Thrones Characters?

One thing all Game of Thrones fans will know, for sure is that George R.R Martin likes to give his characters some pretty freaky names. 

As much we loves the books and the show, remembering all those titles, nicknames and strange pronunciations can sometimes be a bit of a struggle.

I mean, come on George, what’s wrong with the occasional Steve or Mary? Eh?

How many GoT characters can you name?

Don’t forget to tell us your results in the comments!