Woman Photoshopped Herself Into A Stranger’s Photos For Four Years Without People Noticing

As we grow up, many of us go through a stage of fancying a celeb. Maybe you dream of dating Liam Hemsworth or taking Jennifer Lawrence out for dinner. You may even go as far as to put the odd poster on your wall of them, however the lady in this story took things just a bit further.

31 year old Jill Sharp from Scotland has been going through her own dating fantasy of a different kind. According to The Daily Record, she has been pretending to date a random guy called Graham McQuet, for the past four years.

She has even photoshopped herself into photos with him on Facebook.

According to the Daily Record, she has told her friends that she is engaged to this mystery stranger. In order to keep the story alive and make it seem ore real, Sharp allegedly took a trip to London after seeing McQuet’s photos of Westminster Abbey. As you can see, she posted the photos on her Facebook, side by side.

But after four years, her friends have become a little suspicious. 

As you can imagine, when four years had passed by without meeting the mystery fiancé, Sharps pals started to doubt the story. Then after they saw the photo above, they were sure it was indeed a hoax.

In an interview, a friend of hers told the Daily Record.

“She put up a picture claiming they were having a weekend away in London but the two images were completely different. It was obvious it had been taken on a different day. So we started looking at her other images and it was evident in some of them they had been photoshopped.

The friends finally found who the real McQuet was and when they contacted him, he said he had never heard of Sharp and was happily engaged to 33-year-old Marianne Stirling.

His real fiancee, Marianne Tweeted that the police had been notified but the account has since been deleted.

However, authorities told the couple that no action could be taken against Sharp, as her photoshopping is not illegal.

“Apparently she’s allowed to impersonate whoever she wants to impersonate,” Stirling’s friend explained, “The police just weren’t interested.”

Lets just hope that Sharp gets some help, as this was clearly going on far too long to be a joke!

Lets Take A Moment To Remember The Moment Donald Trump Appeared On The Big Breakfast in 1998

If you grew up in the 1980s and 90s, chances are, you will remember this pair of jokers.

Zig and Zag was a Channel 4 team of characters that belonged to The Big Breakfast. They used to joke about on the show and on one occasion they got to meet a certain Mr Donald Trump.

Clearly this was a long time before Trump had his eye on the USA Presidency (yes he really is the President now). He appeared on the show to give the puppets some real estate advice.

{Scroll down for video}

The pair met Trump in the Bahamas at the opening of the Royal Towers hotel, and decided he would be a good person to ask advice from on their new project “Zogland”.

In the video, the 45th President of the United States tells Zig and Zag: “It would cost about 700m pounds in your world, I deal in dollars but you guys deal in pounds right?

“It would be very easy for you to do, you’ll become great real estate entrepreneurs.”

He tells the pair they will need to look out for “vicious finance people.”

“They’re mean, they’re terrible, they don’t sleep at night, they toss and turn and sweat, how to take advantage of you.”

Zag chips in to thank Mr Trump saying: “Well Donald, thanks a million for sharing some sort of knowledge with us.”

But Trumps advice isn’t free.

He adds: “Well because I shared the knowledge, I want a piece of the project. I don’t do this for nothing. I’m not that nice a guy, I don’t do it for nothing. I want at least 20%.”

Zig and Zag negotiate but as they are total idiots, they say a 50% share would be better for them. They then seal the deal with a handshake.

Here is the moment for your entertainment.

Cinema “BANS” Single Men From New Fifty Shades Darker Screening

In case you were not already aware, the new Fifty Shades movie entitles “Fifty Shades Darker” opens in Irish cinemas tonight.

The movie which stars Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey and Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele, is set to be very racy going by the trailers already released.

With that in mind, a cinema has already said that it will not allow any ‘unaccompanied males’ into view the movie, ahead of its opening tonight.

On a telephone message recorded on the answerphone of Diamond Cinema in Navan, Ireland they say

“If you’re looking to go to Fifty Shades Darker and you’re bringing your boyfriend, you better keep lots of space between you.”It’s on an 18 cert and I must stress that single men or married men on their own, any unaccompanied males will not be allowed in.”

Paul Egan, who records the phone listings for the Diamond Cinema, told the Irish Mirror : “Well, it’s meant to be a titillating film so I thought it might be better to keep the single men outside until we suss it out.

“Sure it could lead to all sorts of temptation with women’s hormones flying all over the place, while watching the film.

“It might be better to keep the men outside the door until we see if women can control themselves,” he laughed.

“The film is basically porn for women, going on what the distributors are describing to us.”

So for any men looking to pop to the cinema to see the movie alone, be advised that in the initial few days you may be guided into the more innocent ‘Sing‘ movie instead.

Before you rush out to see the movie, why not take our little quiz to refresh your memory from the previous chapter.

TEST YOURSELF: Can You Correctly Name These 13 Classic Grange Hill Characters?

Grange Hill was one of those shows that everyone seemed to watch while growing up.

I guess we were all at school and able to relate to these kids who seemed to get up to all sorts of no good.

Now years later we are all adults and have forgotten most of the plot of the show and the characters.

This test has been designed to refresh your memory.

All you need to do is to match the name to the face.

If you get them all right, let us know on our Facebook page.

16+ Random Images That Will Take You Straight Back To Your Childhood

1. Game and Watch games. They were all cool but the best had to be Donkey Kong or Legend of Zelda.

2. Trying to get to the bottom of the ice cream so you can get to the bubblegum ball.

3. These hideous things in gym class. Not sure I ever made it to the top.

4. Collecting Polly Pockets and loving them all. Ir if you were a guy, never really understanding what all the fuss is about.

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TEST: Who Is Your TV Valentine This Year?

Dear people who like men,

Valentine’s day is approaching and singles are going crazy trying to couple themselves off so that they aren’t alone for the national holiday of love.

While there are many single people who favour the following attitude towards Valentine’s day:

And people tweeting about all the funny things they’re excited to do:

But for those of you eager to not be alone on the holiday that couples dominate, let us help you out – we can tell you who your TV valentine will be this year, and then if you’re still single by February 14th then you can curl up on the sofa with your fictional valentine and your favourite snacks. Sounds ideal, personally…

Should you spend the day in the strong, protective arms of Luke Cage?


Or maybe you’ll be spending it being serenaded by Lucious Lyon from Empire?

Empire Wikia

There’s only one way to find out:


QUIZ: Can You Correctly Name These Peanuts Characters?

Charlie Brown has to be one of the most recognisable cartoon characters from our childhood.

We all loved Charlie Brown for openly admitting he was unfit for the game of life. As adults we can often relate to him even more. In the little quiz below you will be shown a series of characters from Peanuts and some multiple choice options. All you need to do is match the character with their name.

Good luck and don’t forget to share your scores on Facebook.

‘Allo ‘Allo! star Gorden Kaye Who Played Rene in Has Died Aged 75

Gordon Kaye, who played the part of Rene in the classic sit com Allo Allo has sadly passed away aged 75.

His agent confirmed the news this morning that he died while residing at a care home.

Rene Artois was the owner of a cafe in the hit show and appeared in all 84 episodes along with the rest of the beloved cast.

The show ran from 1982 to 1992 and was so succesful that a stage version was created which Artois also appeared in.

The show centred on resistance fighters in World War Two in German-occupied France.

Artois’ final on screen role was in 2004 in the BBC sketch show Revolver.

QUIZ: How Well Do You Remember “The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air”?

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air was an absolutely fantastic show. It was on the air for six years and entertained us throughout them. Will Smith’s character was endearing and well-intentioned (most of the time) and Carlton reminded us all of that family member. Uncle Phil was the seemingly cold figure who warmed our hearts when he displayed otherwise, and Jazz was the friend our parents were glad we never had.


As a kid, I was obsessed with sitcoms. Especially the ones that aired before my time. Keeping Up Appearances, The Good Life, and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air were among my favourites.


So, how much can you remember from the hip show with the cool intro song that we can all still remember all the words to?


Test your knowledge with this quiz and share your results to see if your friends can top your score!


Remember X-Factor’s LUCY SPRAGGAN? Here’s What She’s Up To Now!

In 2012, Lucy Spraggan wowed the X-Factor judges with her quirky original songs and was a firm favourite after her audition, where she sang her song ‘Last Night’, with relatable lyrics about drinking and its consequences.

Lucy made it all the way to the finals, with Tulisa as her mentor, before she had to drop out of the show due to illness. She was too ill to perform in Week Four, so she was put through to Week Five automatically. However, she then bowed out from the show, saying it wasn’t fair for her to get any more free passes as a result of being unable to perform.

PA: Press Association

So, while many people loved Lucy Spraggan and have kept tuned into what she’s been up to (I know I have), this is an update on what she’s gotten up to since leaving the X-Factor…