Woman Photoshopped Herself Into A Stranger’s Photos For Four Years Without People Noticing


As we grow up, many of us go through a stage of fancying a celeb. Maybe you dream of dating Liam Hemsworth or taking Jennifer Lawrence out for dinner. You may even go as far as to put the odd poster on your wall of them, however the lady in this story took things just a bit further.


31 year old Jill Sharp from Scotland has been going through her own dating fantasy of a different kind. According to The Daily Record, she has been pretending to date a random guy called Graham McQuet, for the past four years.

She has even photoshopped herself into photos with him on Facebook.

According to the Daily Record, she has told her friends that she is engaged to this mystery stranger. In order to keep the story alive and make it seem ore real, Sharp allegedly took a trip to London after seeing McQuet’s photos of Westminster Abbey. As you can see, she posted the photos on her Facebook, side by side.

But after four years, her friends have become a little suspicious. 

As you can imagine, when four years had passed by without meeting the mystery fiancé, Sharps pals started to doubt the story. Then after they saw the photo above, they were sure it was indeed a hoax.

In an interview, a friend of hers told the Daily Record.

“She put up a picture claiming they were having a weekend away in London but the two images were completely different. It was obvious it had been taken on a different day. So we started looking at her other images and it was evident in some of them they had been photoshopped.


The friends finally found who the real McQuet was and when they contacted him, he said he had never heard of Sharp and was happily engaged to 33-year-old Marianne Stirling.

His real fiancee, Marianne Tweeted that the police had been notified but the account has since been deleted.

However, authorities told the couple that no action could be taken against Sharp, as her photoshopping is not illegal.

“Apparently she’s allowed to impersonate whoever she wants to impersonate,” Stirling’s friend explained, “The police just weren’t interested.”


Lets just hope that Sharp gets some help, as this was clearly going on far too long to be a joke!

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