Remember X-Factor’s LUCY SPRAGGAN? Here’s What She’s Up To Now!

In 2012, Lucy Spraggan wowed the X-Factor judges with her quirky original songs and was a firm favourite after her audition, where she sang her song ‘Last Night’, with relatable lyrics about drinking and its consequences.

Lucy made it all the way to the finals, with Tulisa as her mentor, before she had to drop out of the show due to illness. She was too ill to perform in Week Four, so she was put through to Week Five automatically. However, she then bowed out from the show, saying it wasn’t fair for her to get any more free passes as a result of being unable to perform.

PA: Press Association

So, while many people loved Lucy Spraggan and have kept tuned into what she’s been up to (I know I have), this is an update on what she’s gotten up to since leaving the X-Factor…

TEST: Can You Recognise These 2016 Albums With Their Titles Removed?

Let’s be real, 2016 has been pretty diabolical. But whether you enjoyed them or not, there have been some pretty huge albums dropped this year. Can you recognise them without their titles, though?

Beyonce’s album caused quite a stir, which it is safe to say was fully intended. It provoked a conversation about important issues and showed her fans where she stood on the topic of black lives.

Lady Gaga released an incredible new album, and it clearly made an impact because I kept seeing ‘Joanne’ art sprayed onto the pavements during my trip to Chicago!

And then some of these album covers you should probably recognise just because of how weird they are…

People have been sharing their top 2016 albums on Twitter, what are yours?

But which of these albums do you recognise? Share your results in the comments!


TEST: 24/29 Gets You “Old-School Music Genius” Status!

I’m terrible at remembering the names of songs or artists, but I have a ridiculously large song vocabulary. I’m afraid I’m one of those annoying people who will start singing a song based on what you’ve just said mid-conversation. And I don’t sing well.

Source: Daily Mail
Source: Daily Mail

I like music that’s older than I am, I honestly do, but I would never confess to being an expert. Sadly, being a 90s kid means that most of my song database is filled with 90s pop songs…

Do you like The Ramones? And I don’t just mean you have a Ramones t-shirt but you have no idea what any of their songs are. Do you enjoy the Rolling Stones? (Again, no oblivious t-shirt fans). Then give this quiz a go and test your skills!


Do you fancy yourself as an old-school music fan? This quiz will really put your knowledge to the test! Playbuzz only had one person out of 87 get full marks! Can you be the second?


Can You Guess The 90’s Summer Anthem?

Ah the 90s. 

Call us nostalgic, but we swear everything was better back then – the summers were warmer, the ice cream colder, and everything was just, well, AWESOME.

This also goes for the tunes. The 90’s were the decade that brought us chart toppers like Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-a-Lot and Waterfalls by TLC, not to mention anything and everything by Destiny’s Child.

But is your love of 90’s music so good, that you can pinpoint the number one hit right down to the year it was released?

Take our quiz and find out!

And don’t forget to tell us your result in the comments!