TEST: Could You Pass Transfiguration 101?

In the Hogwarts universe, Transfiguration is pretty similar to science. You have to get it exactly right or you’re going to mess it up – case in point: remember that time Ron turned his pet rat into that gross furry goblet with a tail? Nobody wants to drink out of that.

“Transfiguration is some of the most complex and dangerous magic you will learn at Hogwarts. Anyone messing around in my class will leave.” – Minerva McGonagall

Sounds an awful lot like when science teachers were drilling us about bunsen burner safety in science lessons…

McGonagall, according to Pottermore, was talented with Transfiguration even as a young student. She was the “winner of the Transfiguration Today Most Promising Newcomer award”, and “under the guidance of her inspirational Transfiguration teacher, Albus Dumbledore, she had managed to become an Animagus; her animal form, with its distinctive markings (tabby cat, square spectacles markings around eyes) were duly logged in the Ministry of Magic’s Animagus Registry.”

So, if you think you’ve got what it takes to pass the science class of the wizarding world, take the test below and see how well you would do in Transfiguration 101!


QUIZ: Which Harry Potter Spell Do You Need In Your Life?

The list of spells in the Harry Potter world is numerous, so it’s almost impossible to narrow down just one that you would love to be able to cast in real life. Fortunately, this quiz will tell you the answer!

Source: Warner Bros
Source: Warner Bros

This quiz is fantastic because I literally think on a daily basis how much I wish that the spell ‘ACCIO’ worked in real life. It’s the only one I’d need to be happy because it would be so useful…

ACCIO – The Summoning Charm (Accio) was a charm that caused an object at a distance from the caster to fly into their arms. This spell needs thought behind it, the object must be clear in the casters mind, before trying to summon.

Source: Warner Bros
Source: Warner Bros

Lost your house keys? ACCIO House Keys.

Can’t remember where you put your wallet? ACCIO Wallet.

Going on a trip and can’t think where you last had your passport? ACCIO Passport.

Are your family doing your head in? ACCIO Sanity.

Okay, so maybe the last one wouldn’t work, but still, ACCIO is the one spell I’d love to have in my life.

Source: Warner Bros
Source: Warner Bros

The quiz below will tell you which quiz you need in your life!