The 10 Commandments Of Being British

The hashtag #AwfullyBritishCommandments started trending recently, so we thought we would put the best 10 together for you so that you are up to speed on the rules we must all live by.

The Ten Commandments, also known as the #AwfullyBritishCommandments, are a set of British principles relating to being British and the accompanying lifestyle, which play a fundamental role in the lives of every British person, whether they have realised it or not.

The 10 British Commandments:






QUIZ: How Similar To Bridget Jones Are You?

Bridget Jones is a famous figure in female culture. She’s the lovable singleton everyone is head over heels in love with. She’s goofy, and she says exactly what you’re thinking. For a lot of women, she is us, and she is the perfect voice to our thoughts and feelings.

Bridget Jones is a figure most women identify with at some point of in their lives. Whether it’s while you’re trying to get single life and try to jump back into dating, or if you’re trying to be taken serious in your work, we all have a little bit of Bridget inside us. It’s really hard not to love Bridget Jones, she’s the person we all want to be. Or at least, follow a vaguely similar path.

Let’s see how similar you are to Bridget Jones. Are you a real life version of the famed singleton? Or is the only thing you have in common is that you both wear granny knickers? It’s not about what Bridget would answer when answering these questions, it’s about what you would answer. So let’s be honest with each other? Try to give your honest answers the questions, and lets find out if you’re a Bridget Jones wannabe!

Can You Place These Cities On A Map Of England?

England is a pretty beautiful country. It’s filled with some great scenery, beautiful countrysides, and mind blowing city landscapes. It’s something we quite often over look and forget. England is a forgotten beauty we all chose to forget. Each of England’s cities are unique and amazing, each growing it’s own culture and vibrancy.

We’re loosing touch with where things are nowadays. All you have to do is type in the town, postcode or city, and you’ve suddenly got directions! Back in the day you had to be pretty handy with a map in order to get around the country. But how well do you know England and it’s cities? Do you know where cities like Liverpool and Leeds are on a map? You may know where your closest city is on a map, but what about the rest?

Are you a city kid, or are you just another country bumpkin? There’s only one way to find out! Answer these 14 questions about where each city in England is correctly, and you’ll win…. Nothing, but you’ll definitely have a great sense of accomplishment!

So come on and give it a try. The little red dot marks the spot, but can you tell which one it is?! Double points for not using your phone!

Are You Smart Enough To Pass This Hit-The-Dot Test?

Sometimes we forget to look after our most important organ, our brains. If our brain isn’t happy and healthy, then how do we expect our body to be healthy too?

Brain teasers are a great way to keep your mind active. According to recent studies, brain teasers are a great way to improve your memory, handling of everyday tasks, and they also help improve your mental age. And you just thought they were fun to do!

Your health isn’t just dependant on your diet and physical exercise, it’s also about mental exercises. According to studies there is a strong link between mental and physical health. A healthy brain means a healthy you! Who wouldn’t want that?!

To win this game you have to look at each of the dot and figure out which dot is exactly in the middle. It’s as simple as 1 2 3. However, as the game goes on, the location of the middle dot while get harder to solve. Do you have what it takes to get all of the answers right?

It’s a great little exercise to work out your brain. There are 8 questions for you to figure out, you can do it! Are you ready to start the test? Oh alright then.

On your marks, get set, and go!