TEST: Can You Recognise These Disney Princes Without Their Faces?

Disney fans, this is a quiz that will test your knowledge of the dreamy Disney princes from some of the most popular Disney movies. While it is understandable that most viewers spend their time focusing on the princess protagonists, hardcore Disney fans will be able to pick these princes out from the crowd!


While we all know that looks aren’t everything, for some of the earlier Disney princes, their dashing good looks was pretty much all they had, since the princesses were so central to the story and they were just kind of… there. So since their looks are all they had, they can’t be that hard to forget, right?


Not only will this quiz test your Disney prince face knowledge, it will also tell you which prince you would marry! So, whether you fancied Prince Eric or have a recent crush on Prince Naveen, this quiz will tell you your perfect Disney royalty match!

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Which Disney Prince Is Your Perfect Date?

At some point in our life, we all wanted to be a Disney Princess, and to have our Prince sweep us away from all our troubles. We wanted to be swept away from our boring lives, and taken to their castles and live happily ever after. Who could blame us? Disney was a way to escape real life for a lot of us.

We’re all (mostly) grown ups now, as much as it pains me to say it, and most of us don’t need rescuing by a handsome and animated prince. It’s not because we’re no longer Disney obsessed, quite the opposite in fact, but we’ve learnt to look after ourselves.

But that still doesn’t mean we don’t still want a nice and romantic date with our very own Prince Charming. These Disney Princes may not be perfect, but they will certainly treat you like a Princess, and make you feel like you’re living your happily ever after.

So what will it be, coffee with Phillip, dinner and a film with Eric, or a couple of drinks with Aladdin? There’s only one way to find out! So why don’t you take the quiz to see which Disney Prince is your soul mate?