10 Things You Only Know If You Wear A Lot Of Make Up Or Zero Make Up

There is no in-between for you, you either do your entire face up or go completely natural. Those are the only two extremes.

1. You have 2 states of existence; entirely done up or entirely done with everything. 


2. You have this existential crisis every morning…

3. You are so confused about the “light, natural make-up” look. It’s so much effort!


4. Your make up routine encompasses the phrase “go big or go home”.


5. Your friends never know what’s about to hit them


TEST: Do You See Everyday Colours Accurately?

Less than 3% of people are able to pass this test successfully! Most people who have already completed the test have been equated to having the colour perception that is parallel to that of an Art Teacher.

I just completed the test myself, and I discovered I’m in the 1% of people who are at “Genius Painter Level”, which apparently means You are in the 1% of the population who can see all of the colours across the spectrum. You have an eye for beauty and see colours in all their intensity and richness much like Picasso and Matisse. You have a unique sense of perception that is different from other people.

If you’re all about that Aesthetic and dig colour schemes, you should give this test a go and see if you’re getting the most out of your well-selected Pinterest boards!

About to go and look at paint palettes for your Winter painting revamp? Maybe taking this test will be a good way of seeing just how colour-savvy your eyesight is before you put the paint on the walls!

Don’t forget to share your results with us and be sure to tag your friends who use words like “mauve” instead of “purple” and see if they can put their money where their mouth is!