QUIZ: How Well Do You Remember “The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air”?

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air was an absolutely fantastic show. It was on the air for six years and entertained us throughout them. Will Smith’s character was endearing and well-intentioned (most of the time) and Carlton reminded us all of that family member. Uncle Phil was the seemingly cold figure who warmed our hearts when he displayed otherwise, and Jazz was the friend our parents were glad we never had.


As a kid, I was obsessed with sitcoms. Especially the ones that aired before my time. Keeping Up Appearances, The Good Life, and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air were among my favourites.


So, how much can you remember from the hip show with the cool intro song that we can all still remember all the words to?


Test your knowledge with this quiz and share your results to see if your friends can top your score!


TEST: Can You Crack The Toughest Disney Song Lyric Quiz?

With the recent release of Disney’s latest movie, Moana, we thought we would test your Disney music knowledge!

Walt Disney
Walt Disney

If you’ve been living under a rock, Moana hits UK cinemas today, and has already received some pretty fantastic reviews:

More than “Tangled,” more than “Frozen,” “Moana” keeps with the tradition that made Disney the leader in animated fairy and folk tales. – Variety

A crowd-pleasing oceanic musical with big tunes and beguiling characters, Moana is likely to thwack a big smile on your face. And did we mention the idiotic chicken? – Empire

Moana is the latest Disney movie, and it follows adventurous teenager Moana who sets sail on an adventure to save her people. Along the way, she meets demigod Maui (Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson) who guides her on her quest.

Walt Disney
Walt Disney

Are you headed out to watch the latest Disney film? Let us know what you think!

Walt Disney
Walt Disney

So you call yourself a Disney fan, but can you crack the toughest Disney song lyrics quiz the internet has to offer?

From classics like Cinderella and The Little Mermaid to the gems of the 90s such as Aladdin and The Lion King, all the way through to the modern hits such as Tangled and the insanely popular Frozen, this quiz will really push your knowledge of Disney songs!

Obviously, remembering the most well-known songs from our favourite Disney movies is easy – there isn’t a person on Earth who doesn’t know all the words to Frozen’s “Let It Go”, but what about the more low-key songs?

There’s only one way to truly test your skills – take the quiz below and then share your results with us in the comments!

Then, challenge your most Disney-obsessed friend to get a better score than you by sharing this link with them! Good luck!


TEST: Impossible “Would You Rather” Challenge for Brits!

British people have had many things dividing them recently. Brexit was a huge one, and the memes that followed were a thing of beauty. More recently was the Marmite Crisis that came to light after Tesco admitted they would no longer be stocking the “love me or hate me” product due to Brexit ramifications.

Sputnik International
Sputnik International

And now, we are presenting you with your toughest choice as a British citizen yet! It’s a classic game of ‘Would You Rather?’ with a British theme. Some questions will have a clear option for you to pick, but there will be some that you really have to scratch your head over for a moment and honestly ponder the pros and cons of both.


Let us know which options you picked in the comments – which decisions were really hard to make?

Share this quiz with your friends and see if they make the same tough calls as you, or maybe their “obviously wrong” answers will change the nature of your friendship forever…


TEST: Do You Know These 90s Films?

Do you fancy yourself as a bit of a film buff? Do you think you can remember the titles of all of these 90s films? Take the test and find out!

20th Century Fox
Source: 20th Century Fox

These are the films we look back on fondly, even though now they have the distinct 90s technological disadvantages that aren’t present in modern films, we still love these movies despite their shortcomings.

The CGI isn’t as good, we don’t care. It’s part of what makes these films fantastic. The kids who acted in some of these films have grown up and Googling them now makes us feel old, but it doesn’t matter because our childhood is as immortalised as theirs in these classic films we watched when we were younger.

Source: playbuzz
Source: playbuzz

The real question, though, is how well does your memory serve you? Can you remember the name of these movies just from looking at a single screenshot from within the film? Not only will it be interesting to see how many you can name, this quiz is also fun because you’ll remember a bunch of films you watched when you were younger that you’ve not even thought about in years – and you’ll want to rewatch them. I know I saw “The Page Master” and said, aloud in the coffee shop I am working in, “oh my gosh I remember that film!”

Share your results in the comments and tag a friend who LOVES movies!


TEST: Can You Find All 29 Animals In This Hectic 90s Wallpaper?

The 90s were a peculiar time for many of us. A lot of weird stuff happened that we are oddly proud of reminiscing about, but one thing I have not thought about in a long while is how bizarre our computer backgrounds were.

Source: lookanimals.com
Source: lookanimals.com

There were lots of bright colours, lots of images meshed together to make really messy collages, and nine times out of ten, the pictures were hideously stretched because the file was not actually the right size for your screen. Or you’d make your own wallpaper on MS Paint of all your favourite things?

Source: portpolyonamo1979.deviantart.com
Source: portpolyonamo1979.deviantart.com

Can you find all 29 animals in this 90s wallpaper? There is a lot going on in the image, so it seems fairly easy, to begin with, but then you get asked where salamander or the frog are and you have no idea where to look.

It’s like a cuter version of Where’s Wally? because animals make everything cuter. Which animal in this busy wallpaper do you like best? Tag yourself, I’m the Red Parrot that has its head tilted and looks like it’s photobombing.

If you manage to find all of them, let us know in the comments!


TEST: Can You Guess The Disney Film Based On The Emojis?

Disney films are simply magical, admit it. Who doesn’t love a good Disney or Pixar film? For many young adults, they were the films that defined our childhood and helped to mould us into the adults we are to this day. Without Disney, I doubt we’d be the people we are now.

Not only did it help us become who we are, but the Disney and Pixar films also helped view how we saw the world. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without them during my childhood, and I know a lot of people who would agree with me on that.

But how well do you know your Disney and Pixar films? Would you say you’re a casual watcher or an occasional fan who watched a few films on Netflix?

Are you able to name the Disney and Pixar film from these emojis? Only a true Disney fan will get all of these right. Do you have what it takes to be a true Disney fan?

Don’t forget to tell us your score in the comments below. Why not challenge your friends and family to beat your score by sharing this quiz on Facebook?

Are you ready? On your marks, get set, QUIZ!

TEST: Which Millennial Saying Describes You?

Millennials are often given a lot of crap for being the generation that complains about everything and gets mad at the drop of a hat.

Source: Pendolino Group
Source: Pendolino Group

While those things might be true (and for good reasons), we are also the selfie generation, the generation that created so much slang and abbreviations we might as well have our own language, we are the generation that witnessed the boom of social media and all the opportunities it provides.

There are 79 million millennials in the US, compared to only 48 million Generation Xers. We have a purchasing power of approximately $170 billion per year. 27% of millennials are self-employed.

Source: whymillennialsmatter.com
Source: whymillennialsmatter.com

We have a lot going for us as a generation, despite the many crises we have been left to deal with in the world today.

But which of our many phrases and abbreviations best describes the kind of millennial you are? Is it YOLO? Stay Woke? The quiz will ask you a series of personality questions and then provide you with your millennial saying and what that means about your personality!

Be sure to share your results in the comments and test your friends to see what they get!


TEST: Do You Remember All Of The Characters From The Lion King?

The Lion King is a Disney staple. It’s a true Disney classic, and one of the films you have to include in a Disney marathon. I don’t want to say it’s the law or anything but it totally is.

The Lion King was an important film in many people’s childhood, as it tackled themes of love, grief, and belonging. it was a truly heartbreaking film, and it had many children crying within the first half an hour. Seriously, Mufasa’s death was horrifying. It traumatised countless children and we still haven’t gotten over it, even though the film was released over 22 years ago! If you didn’t cry over Mufasa’s death scene, are you even human?

Any true Disney fan will be able to identify these 11 Lion King characters. But the question is, are you enough of a Lion King fan to guess them all right?

It’s time to separate the leader of the pride, from the Shadowland outcasts. Can you identify Simba from Scar? Timon from Nala? There’s only one way to find out.

Don’t forget to tell us your score in the comments section. Why don’t you share this quiz with your friends and family, can they beat your score?

QUIZ: How Similar To Bridget Jones Are You?

Bridget Jones is a famous figure in female culture. She’s the lovable singleton everyone is head over heels in love with. She’s goofy, and she says exactly what you’re thinking. For a lot of women, she is us, and she is the perfect voice to our thoughts and feelings.

Bridget Jones is a figure most women identify with at some point of in their lives. Whether it’s while you’re trying to get single life and try to jump back into dating, or if you’re trying to be taken serious in your work, we all have a little bit of Bridget inside us. It’s really hard not to love Bridget Jones, she’s the person we all want to be. Or at least, follow a vaguely similar path.

Let’s see how similar you are to Bridget Jones. Are you a real life version of the famed singleton? Or is the only thing you have in common is that you both wear granny knickers? It’s not about what Bridget would answer when answering these questions, it’s about what you would answer. So let’s be honest with each other? Try to give your honest answers the questions, and lets find out if you’re a Bridget Jones wannabe!

How Many Of These Movies From The 90s Do You Know?

The 90s was one of the best time for movies. We had cult films like Clueless, and Forest Gump. It was an amazing time to be an avid film goer. According to IMBD there were over 35,000 popular movies in the 1990s. That’s a lot of films! With the introduction to Netflix it’s easier to search through, and watch many films from the 90s. So have many have you seen? Would you say you’re a connoisseur of 90s films. Can you tell recognise Good Will Hunting from Saving Private Ryan?

We’re interested in seeing how many of these movies you know from back then. So during the quiz we’ll ask you to answer name the title of a 90s movie. Answer all 15 questions right and we’ll crown you the King or Queen of Blockbusters, but if you don’t answer them right, then we suggest you swat up on your 90s film knowledge and try again. It’s a win win either way.

So do you think you have what it takes to be a champion of 90s movies, or have you just watch a lot of remakes of 90s classics? There is only one way to find out! On your marks, get set, QUIZ!