TEST: Which Millennial Saying Describes You?

Millennials are often given a lot of crap for being the generation that complains about everything and gets mad at the drop of a hat.

Source: Pendolino Group
Source: Pendolino Group

While those things might be true (and for good reasons), we are also the selfie generation, the generation that created so much slang and abbreviations we might as well have our own language, we are the generation that witnessed the boom of social media and all the opportunities it provides.

There are 79 million millennials in the US, compared to only 48 million Generation Xers. We have a purchasing power of approximately $170 billion per year. 27% of millennials are self-employed.

Source: whymillennialsmatter.com
Source: whymillennialsmatter.com

We have a lot going for us as a generation, despite the many crises we have been left to deal with in the world today.

But which of our many phrases and abbreviations best describes the kind of millennial you are? Is it YOLO? Stay Woke? The quiz will ask you a series of personality questions and then provide you with your millennial saying and what that means about your personality!

Be sure to share your results in the comments and test your friends to see what they get!


QUIZ: How Similar To Bridget Jones Are You?

Bridget Jones is a famous figure in female culture. She’s the lovable singleton everyone is head over heels in love with. She’s goofy, and she says exactly what you’re thinking. For a lot of women, she is us, and she is the perfect voice to our thoughts and feelings.

Bridget Jones is a figure most women identify with at some point of in their lives. Whether it’s while you’re trying to get single life and try to jump back into dating, or if you’re trying to be taken serious in your work, we all have a little bit of Bridget inside us.┬áIt’s really hard not to love Bridget Jones, she’s the person we all want to be. Or at least, follow a vaguely similar path.

Let’s see how similar you are to Bridget Jones. Are you a real life version of the famed singleton? Or is the only thing you have in common is that you both wear granny knickers? It’s not about what Bridget would answer when answering these questions, it’s about what you would answer. So let’s be honest with each other? Try to give your honest answers the questions, and lets find out if you’re a Bridget Jones wannabe!