Test Yourself: Can You Name The NES Game from A Single Screenshot?

Let’s flash back to the eighties for a minute. The days of Bon Jovi, Whitney Houston, and MJ. The times where The Ninja Turtles ruled TV along with The Cosby’s and Double Dare. Big hair was in, tight pants were cool and Nintendo was everyone’s favorite past time.
 The Nintendo ( known as Famicom or the Family Computer to some) came out in 1985 in North America. It was available in Europe and Australia the following year, capturing kid’s attention and creating the gaming world we know today.

What did you play? Super Mario? Mega Man? Bubble Bobble or Kirby’s? PacMan? LOLO?

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So many games captivated the hearts of youngs boys and girls spread across their parents living room floor begging for their turn. Countless hours were spent with sore thumbs and sweaty brows trying to complete the latest task. Who misses those days? I know I hear about them all the time!

How well do you remember those days? Well enough to recognize the games by just a single photograph? Let’s put your memory to the test! See how many you can get right with this quiz. There are 15 questions, all have one single screenshot of the Nintendo game to help you identify the correct answer.

Let us know how you do!

Can You Match These 15 Classic TV Ads To The Correct Product?

How good is your TV ad knowledge?

Growing up, if you were anything like me, you probably watched a load of telly in the evenings after school and at weekends. In between the shows were the obligatory ads. Back in those days, I may be wrong but I am sure ads were just better. They have stuck with me as I have got older, whereas the ads of today have no character.

Thinking about it, nowadays we can just skip through the ads as we watch a lot of shows on catchup. In the good old days, this was not an option so we were forced to watch them. Maybe that is why they stuck with me so well.

Anyway inn the quiz below you are shown a grid of images. All you need to do is click on the image that you feel relates to the product at the top.

Good luck and don’t forget to share with your friends.

QUIZ: The Largest And Hardest 80s Film Quiz Ever

I am sure that you know your Breakfast Club scenes apart from the Ferris Bueller’s scenes and you can even quote most of the Goonies, but when the rubber hits the road what do you really remember?

The 80s was a decade jam packed full of classic films. You may have seen most of the absolute classics, but how much detail do you remember from them?

If you think you are an expert on 80s movies then take up the challenge and prove to us and the world that you are what you say you are.

This quiz will do just that!

Be warned that this is not like some of the other 80s tests that you may have taken in the past, no, this is much harder than any other quiz.

So let’s see how much you know about your 80s movies. All you need to do is select the correct answer from the multiple choice opinions given.

15 Wildly Inappropriate Disney Memes That Adult Fans Will Find Hilarious

Disney cartoons are a symbol for all that is pure and good in the world, which is probably why these seriously twisted Disney memes are so hilarious. But beware! They are not for the faint-hearted, and they will definitely destroy your childhood.

Is it just us, or is Prince Charming a bit rapey?


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Well this made us see things from a whole other perspective…


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Image source

This one is made ten times worse by the fact it has the Disney channel logo in the corner.


Image source

Snow White’s not so pure after all!


Image source

You tell ’em girl!

We thought Belle was supposed to be the clever one?


Image source

God Belle! Slow on the uptake or what?

Disney definitely put that line in there on purpose.


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No. Just No.


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Never thought of it that way before…


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Pearl is a guy?!


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Nala is the baddest bitch.


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Image source

How rude!


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What did I tell ya?