Guy Books Holiday To Brazil When Pissed, Has Time Of His Life

24-year-old Jamie Ather from Glasglow  got drunk on a Monday night and booked a flight to Brazil.

He tried to get his 520 euros refunded, but no amount of begging would change the airline’s mind, so instead, he was forced to go to Brazil. It turns out it was one of the best decisions he ever made.

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“Back in August, I woke up on a Sunday morning after a Saturday night clubbing and had an email from a flight company.

It showed I had booked a flight from Glasgow to Rio de Janeiro on my debit card at 5.12am.

I had absolutely no memory of doing it because I was drunk, and it had honestly never even crossed my mind to go to South America.

I called the airline on the Monday to try to cancel but there was only a 24-hour cancellation period, so I either had to arrange the time off work and go or lose the £520.I had never been away on my own on a trip like that, so I was really nervous about setting off, but I ended up having one of the best experiences of my life.

I spent time at a sloth sanctuary in Bahia in north-east Brazil, I hiked to Machu Picchu in Peru and I chilled out with cocktails on Copacabana beach in Rio.”

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“Visiting the sloth sanctuary was one of the highlights – I completely fell in love with the animals.

It was just an odd little place run by an old Brazilian woman in the middle of nowhere. I ended up staying for a couple of days and helping out with the sloths that had been rescued from poachers

Everyone who knows me knows that I was so nervous about going to South America on my own, so it has given me loads of confidence to have gone and actually had an amazing time.

It has really made me realise that you just need to take risks sometimes and get over your fear if you want to get the most from life.”

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Meet the woman who tried to live like Kylie Jenner for a week

The Assistant Fashion and Beauty Editor of Cosmopolitan, Brooke Shunatona took on Kylie Jenner’s lifestyle for one full week and she said that keeping up with Kylie was tough! She copied everything from her makeup, her clothes, her social media and she said that it was “emotionally draining”.

Kylie’s life might seem pretty glamorous when she gets out of cars in fancy clothes and hangs poolside in hot bikinis, but Brooke found out that there is a whole lot more that goes into being Kylie than she had anticipated. She spent the week attempting to live like the famous 18-year-old, taking on her looks and her everyday regime all for a feature spot on the website. She put forth her best effort and found it to be more than she anticipated.

Brooke started by getting her nails done at the salon in Kylie’s favorite color: grey. Then she called the best personal spray tanner to the stars, Kristyn Pradas to come over to her house for the full body treatment. We can only assume that Kylie doesn’t leave her comfortable home for a spray tan because, according to Brooke, “She’s not a regular person, after all.”

Brooke followed the tutorials on Kylie’s website and used all the products that the young star recommends and spent an hour a day to get it all done. Brooke found out that Kylie’s range of styles was very broad and she found herself wearing a nice, baggy shirt at the beginning of the week but then closed her week in a tight halter top that she felt a bit self-conscience in. She also wore thigh high boots and found it difficult to put on most of her clothing and shoes because of her super longs nails. She concluded that Kylie must have help getting dressed.

Ultimately she found it very time-consuming not only to look like her but to keep up with the social media aspect as well.

Take a look:


BREAKING – Boy Arrested For Homemade ‘Bomb’ Gets Offers From Obama, Facebook, NASA And Google

14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed has had quite the eventful last few days, and it’s all because of a homemade clock.

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Ahmed’s story went completely viral yesterday after he did something any normal kid would do. He took his invention to class to show his engineering teacher what he made. Shortly after he was suspended from school, accused of bringing a bomb on campus and eventually it was decided that he “brought a hoax bomb to school.”  All of this over him building a clock.

The school still fights to justify their actions.

Since, many prominent figures have reached out to Mohammed, with recognition and generous offers. The President invited Ahmed to the White House, The White House spokesman, Josh Earnest, invited him to its astronomy night where he will have to opportunity to meet NASA astronauts.

His invention has taken off. Engineers from Google, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and NASA have all given him their support and invited him to their company headquarters.

Good luck to Ahmed, and we think your invention is awesome.

Husband Opens Box Thinking It’s An Apple Watch, But What’s Inside Makes Him Cry

Who wants an Apple watch for their birthday?

How about for Christmas? Or Valentine’s day? Any of the above would work for me, if I’m being honest. I mean come on, those things are awesome.

To wear it is to love it.

Or so they say. I mean, once I saw these little babies hitting the shelves I must say, I couldn’t help but believe it. It has some amazing features that even the most technically challenged individual would get excited about. You can receive and respond to your notifications in seconds, track your daily activity (like how many steps you’ve taken, and a bunch of other really cool things). You can have and play music from it, using just your voice! (Is that for real? How cool!) You can also pay for stuff too, like groceries or cool fitness gear, whatever you want. All of these incredible features in one tiny little watch. It still blows my mind what technology is able to do.

This guy wanted an Apple watch. He really wanted an Apple watch. And he thought he was getting one. (I mean, she did hand him an Apple watch box, so it’s a little unfair).

He didn’t get an Apple watch. He got the furthest thing from it. When he opens the box and realizes there is no Apple watch inside he begins to cry, but wait until you see why he’s crying! He may not have gotten an awesome watch, but what he did get is much more amazing. His reaction is beautiful. Not only is his woman a genius for the way she gives him this incredible gift, she also knows how to build some suspense. This video is one of the sweetest and most emotional I’ve seen in a long time. What a happy surprise!

Watch it here: