Ed Sheeran’s Last Minute Grammy Performance Will Blow You Away

With his year away from the public eye over, Ed Sheeran is making an incredible comeback and demonstrating his talent wherever and whenever he can. We know Ed always gives it his all, but his outstanding performance at the Grammy Awards was absolutely jaw-dropping.

What’s more, the ginger star only made the announcement for the performance seven hours before it happened – this was also not even 24 hours after he’d made an appearance on Saturday Night Live. With all things considered, we wouldn’t have been surprised if the performance had seemed just a little bit rough and unpolished. But as it turns out, Ed absolutely blew this notion out of the water anyway.

It was a complete throwback to his origins with the loop pedal. He performed solo using an acoustic guitar, a keyboard, and a mic or two. You can take a look at the performance in all its glory here:

Even though his addition was last-minute, he was the focal point of the Grammys for a lot of fans anyway. Twitter users were eager as ever to show their support and to shower their favourite in praise:

Thanks, Ed! This was everything we didn’t even know we wanted so badly.

Cinema “BANS” Single Men From New Fifty Shades Darker Screening

In case you were not already aware, the new Fifty Shades movie entitles “Fifty Shades Darker” opens in Irish cinemas tonight.

The movie which stars Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey and Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele, is set to be very racy going by the trailers already released.

With that in mind, a cinema has already said that it will not allow any ‘unaccompanied males’ into view the movie, ahead of its opening tonight.

On a telephone message recorded on the answerphone of Diamond Cinema in Navan, Ireland they say

“If you’re looking to go to Fifty Shades Darker and you’re bringing your boyfriend, you better keep lots of space between you.”It’s on an 18 cert and I must stress that single men or married men on their own, any unaccompanied males will not be allowed in.”

Paul Egan, who records the phone listings for the Diamond Cinema, told the Irish Mirror : “Well, it’s meant to be a titillating film so I thought it might be better to keep the single men outside until we suss it out.

“Sure it could lead to all sorts of temptation with women’s hormones flying all over the place, while watching the film.

“It might be better to keep the men outside the door until we see if women can control themselves,” he laughed.

“The film is basically porn for women, going on what the distributors are describing to us.”

So for any men looking to pop to the cinema to see the movie alone, be advised that in the initial few days you may be guided into the more innocent ‘Sing‘ movie instead.

Before you rush out to see the movie, why not take our little quiz to refresh your memory from the previous chapter.

TEST: How Well Do You Know Disney Trivia?

Who doesn’t love Disney?

For many young adults it a guilty pleasure to be cuddled up on the sofa or in bed (up to you really) watching some good old fashioned Disney films. Is there any better way to spend a day home?

For many young adults, we grew up with Disney films. They were a constant source of entertainment. Many of these films taught us a lesson. For example, Beauty and the Beast taught us to look for the beauty inside (or go for the man with a huge library). And Mulan taught me that you should help your family no matter what (under most circumstances).

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, and my heroes come in the form of Disney characters.

For a lot of people, their introduction to Disney films was a defining moment in their childhood and helped mold them into the people they are today. So really we have Disney to thank for how we are… Well, mostly.

Disney films have played a huge part in every 90s child’s life, as well as being an influential part of the millennial generation. Admit it, you know at least a handful of Disney songs off by heart.

But the real question is if you’re a true die-hard Disney fan or simply nostalgic about films from your childhood.

Here are 10 questions which only true Disney fans will be able to answer. If you answer them correctly then you truly are a Disney die-hard, but if you don’t pass this quiz, then I fear you may be banished to the Shadow Lands… (Extra points if you get that reference.)

So, will you pass or fail?

Don’t forget to comment your scores in the comment section, and why not share with your friends and family to see what score they get?

TEST: 24/29 Gets You “Old-School Music Genius” Status!

I’m terrible at remembering the names of songs or artists, but I have a ridiculously large song vocabulary. I’m afraid I’m one of those annoying people who will start singing a song based on what you’ve just said mid-conversation. And I don’t sing well.

Source: Daily Mail
Source: Daily Mail

I like music that’s older than I am, I honestly do, but I would never confess to being an expert. Sadly, being a 90s kid means that most of my song database is filled with 90s pop songs…

Do you like The Ramones? And I don’t just mean you have a Ramones t-shirt but you have no idea what any of their songs are. Do you enjoy the Rolling Stones? (Again, no oblivious t-shirt fans). Then give this quiz a go and test your skills!

Source: thekey.xpn.org
Source: thekey.xpn.org

Do you fancy yourself as an old-school music fan? This quiz will really put your knowledge to the test! Playbuzz only had one person out of 87 get full marks! Can you be the second?