12 Times Waitstaff Completely Destroyed A Customer’s Special Moment




9. I ruined a family’s vacation, apparently. I was a server at an oceanfront restaurant in the Myrtle Beach area about five years ago. Summer tourist season was in full swing, and there were happy, sunburnt families everywhere. We were on a long wait, so there were people waiting outside on the front patio until they were called for their table. There was also seating outside on the same patio, and I had a table out there. The front door to the restaurant was large and wooden, and only had a small window at the top that resembled a window on a boat.

I was running around like [mad] during dinner rush, and was taking drinks outside to my table. I pushed the front door open with vigor, and proceeded to knock a little girl down who was standing in front of it. As soon as I heard the loud “thump,” I knew something horrible had happened. I see the girl on the ground SCREAMING bloody murder. Luckily, I don’t see any blood. Momma Bear starts yelling her head off at me. Like, in my face, telling me they were leaving, and thanking me for ruining their vacation on the first day. I was trying SO hard to be sympathetic because I have a bad habit of laughing when I get really nervous. She talked to the manager and left. I didn’t get in trouble. I was just happy I didn’t spill my table’s tray full of drinks during the ordeal.


10. I’m a hostess at a fine dining restaurant. For birthdays and anniversaries we add either birthday confetti or rose petals to the table to decorate it for the guests. I was seating a couple and since it said it was their anniversary on their reservation notes I took the rose petals with me and as they sat down I sprinkled them at the table and said something like “since you’re celebrating your anniversary we like to decorate the table for you”. The guy looked up and said “it’s our anniversary?!” And the girl then got pissed and screamed “YES. why do you think we came here?!” I then gave them their menus and left as fast as I possibly could and told my coworkers about the incident.


11. There was a baby shower at a restaurant I worked at during university – it was in a separate room away from the entrance, I had been directing guests for at least half an hour when a very pregnant women and her friend walked in. They were looking a little lost so I asked if they were there for the baby shower as I had with all the other guests and the pregnant lady looked shocked and the friend looked extremely angry, turns out it was a surprise and they hadn’t told us! They had gone to a huge effort and racked a huge bill before hand so they must have been super pissed off. I apologised but the family weren’t happy – I avoided for the rest of the afternoon!



12. So we have this party at the restaurant and there’s this one woman with a nice fur coat. Like really nice. She’s sitting at one of the tables closest to the door to the kitchen and placed her coat on the chair she was sitting at. One of the servers and I moved to the table to clear some plates and were stacking them to carry more. As we backed away we bumped into each other and a small dish of ranch dressing slides off a plate. The thing does a 360 on the way down, throws a spiral of dressing into the air and nails her coat, but not her. Nobody saw but us, we looked at each other and noped out. I think she was too drunk to notice as she left, since she didn’t say anything. Still feel bad about trashing her coat, though.



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