12 Times Waitstaff Completely Destroyed A Customer’s Special Moment




5. Had a bday party , the boss insisted I cut the cake, I am very bad under pressure. After talking it over with the lady she said she could do it but my boss was like no she will take care of it. So I bring out the cake and I kinda just stare around for a second like “Don’t screw this up.” I cut one of the most crooked pieces ever and stared up at the table nobody noticed, so I kept going and this one lady stood up and was like “Oh no hunny here let me show you how go cut a cake properly.” Also had an engagement I kinda knew what he was up to because he had that look when he was reaching for something and there was rumours he was going to so I stayed back to let him propose , that’s when my boss came by and said “Go check up on your table” as soon as I did he was proposing and I interrupted with “Are we still doing alright over here?” he just looked me dead in the eye it was so awkward.


6. A couple and the girl’s mother was celebrating the girl’s birthday. A lot of the waitresses were freaking out because the guy looked identical to Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I finally asked him if anyone has ever told him how he looked like JGL and he’s like “All of the time.” He then got into a conversation with me and was super talkative every time I went over. At the beginning of the dinner, the girl was sitting with her mother, half way through she sat next to him and started to call him her boyfriend every time I came over. I then realized she thought I was hitting on him so I brought up my boyfriend and how the staff was dying for me to ask hoping she’d get the hint that I was never hitting on him in the first place. At the end, she skipped dessert when I asked if she wanted a free one for her birthday and quickly asked for the check. Something tells me her birthday dinner didn’t go as planned.


7. Family of about 15 people are out for this man’s 40th birthday party. His wife is a vegetarian, has been for 23 years. She tells the waiter, who’s only been a server for like a month. She orders a vegetarian hamburger with blacken seasoning (which is like cajun seasoning, but makes the burger look black).

Cool, this mf hits the button for a turkey burger, doesn’t check when he grabs the tray, and gives it to her. So it’s covered in this spicy seasoning that doesn’t really let the color of the patty sow, and she eats most of the burger before she realizes it’s not vegetarian.

She lost her [mind]. The party of 15 people all walk out without paying (manager said he’d comp their meals), but they just dipped. She sent multiple emails to corporate, she was vomiting all night. Didn’t eat for like four days after. Like 1000 word emails that are straight rage.

Ok, so if this happened to me, I’d never go back to that restaurant. But she couldn’t resist all that free [stuff] the corporate managers were going to give her to stop bashing the restaurant. They fired the [bad] waiter, gave her hella freebies, and she comes back.


First time back, just a nice dinner with her husband, she orders a vegetarian burger, tells the waitress she’s been a vegetarian for 23 years, pls make sure it’s vegetarian.

Veggie burger comes out with bacon on it. Bruh.


8. I lost an engagement ring on Valentine’s Day when my restaurant was completely packed and super busy. My manager stalled dessert at that table for about an hour while I looked and still served all of my other tables. The ring box slipped through a hole in my apron, got kicked around by servers who only step ON or OVER things in the kitchen, so I found the box after about 20 minutes in one place and the ring 40 minutes later in the most disgusting pile of grit and grime under the stove.


The guy wasn’t stupid and he figured that I had lost the ring, but my manager saved the day by sending someone to the bakery across the street and getting an elaborate cake to make it seem as if we had them wait in order to prepare such a wonderful surprise. Plus he kept the drinks flowing at their table. The special cake, free bottle of champagne and finally the ring made everything work out in the end…for the couple. I had to pay for the cake, all of their drinks and a $150 bottle of champagne.